Farmworker Justice Staff

Bruce Goldstein, President

Ali Beydoun
Director of Litigation

Adrienne DerVartanian
Director of Immigration & Labor Rights

Jessica Felix-Romero, Ph.D.
Director of Communications

Alexis Guild, MPP
Migrant Health Policy Analyst

Juan Guevara
Farmworker Justice Fellow

Megan E. Horn
Staff Attorney/Policy Analyst

Mul K. Kim
Health Policy Attorney

Dave Mauch
Legal Fellow

Kattrina Merlo, MPH
Project Director, Act Against AIDS Leadership Initiative

Candace Mickens
Chief Operations Officer

Merlyn Perez, MHA
Office Manager

Chelly Richards, MS, MPH
Project Manager, Community Engagement and Health Promotion

Gina Rodriguez, MPA
Senior Administrative Assistant

Virginia E. Ruiz
Director of Occupational & Environmental Health

Carlos A. Ugarte, MSPH
Director, Health
Caitlin Ruppel
Farmworker Justice Fellow

Carlos A. Ugarte, MSPH
Director, Health Programs

Rebecca Young,MA
Assistant Project Director,Conexiones